I’m very active visiting schools and community groups, inspiring budding artists and writers through workshops in creative process.  These are hands on courses, and I can tailor them to suit your group’s focus.

I do a variety of presentations and workshops to suit all student and adult age groups about the aspects of my creative work. I can also tailor workshops to suit your current curriculum topics if required. If you’d like a more craft based workshop I am happy to design a perfect programme for you.

I am registered with Read NZ’s Writer’s in School’s scheme. If your school participates, you may be eligible for a funded visit!

I am also represented by SpeakersInk  for workshops and presentations​ in Australia.


​​Here students will find out what makes an interesting character and create one for themselves. Using visual clues, students learn how to create a sense of place and exciting journey for their character and come away with ways to progress a piece of good creative writing.


Students create illustration with collage based techniques – allowing those less confident about drawing to achieve a great result. I cover drawing, storyboarding and appropriate imagery to tell a visual narrative. Depending on the room facilities wet and/or dry media is used. 

Draw Like an Artist

Learn to draw like a professional artist, with a professional artist!

Does your child dream of becoming an artist or a book illustrator?

I had the same dream when I was young, and I followed my dream to a career as a professional artist and published illustrator. I’d like to share that dream, to take your child on the same journey.

Draw Like an Artist is a course for students aged 9-14 that shows them how to draw pictures the way the professionals do. On a school holiday art camp, I’ll will take your child on a journey of fun and discovery, learning how to create, develop and draw awesome pictures, guiding them every step of the way.

Wearable Art

Students work in groups to generate ideas, drawings and a scale model of a wearable art piece. In the longer half day workshop, they will get to try different construction methods and learn about sourcing and using different materials. These workshops are particularly useful when coming up to school production time!

​I also run a Wearable Art seminar with teachers who will come away with useful templates, sources of materials construction methods and idea generation. This is a fun way to finish a busy day at school! Stay on for a late afternoon tea and learn about the creative process of wearable art.

Get in touch

For all workshop enquiries and a price guide, please drop me a line on this contact form and let me know what you are interested in.

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